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90 minutes life coaching session where we look at your practices and habits.

In this inspiring and impactful session experience:

-personal life and wellness issues addressed
-understanding yourself, and your body
-insight into your life direction and dreams
-empowering what you can do
-guidance for self care, wellbeing, emotions balance, health issues, lifestyle

How do you want to feel ? Where do you want to go ? What life do you want to live ?

As an empath intuitive, I use my spiritual and energetic guidance to bring understanding and healing where needed, offering insight, inspiration, and direction.

I use art and creatives practices to support the process and help you shift your perspectives, a transformational alchemy.

Sometimes I draw during the session to help you find clarity on your journey. We focus on your goals and dreams, the life you want to life.

This session helps you Design your life adding new practices, focusing on what makes you happy and healthy.

I give you practices, actions or rituals to do for you to create your new life.

My work is deeply inspired by Danielle Laporte’s work, The Handel Group, Futur Self Design as well from all what I learned and continue to learn as a student from my teachers around the globe.


“ Isabelle has a very rare capacity of empathy and connection. She dances between: deep listening, share spontaneously her intuitive insights and create the realities about which we dream. She guided me with aptly, gave me confidence , showed me my talents and my strengths. Everything was so obvious !

- Vincent . 2018

“ When I met Isabelle, I met one of the the kindest, sweetest and brightest woman I'd ever met. Being and chatting with her is a sort of in between time, she knows how to listen, to share, to give wised advices, to laugh also and to give confidence. She's a pure person and I am glad the Universe made our path cross".

- Julie . 2018