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Author on JUST BREATHE MAGAZINE, online magazine by Hotels of the World

YOGA CHEZ MOI is a French online platform for Yoga, Pilates, Méditation, Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle founded by a dear friend Charlotte Saint Jean.

14 articles and contributions since 2013.

Articles published on the Living in Harmony & Blog of FIVELEMENTS RETREAT BALI. An eco-conscious luxury retreat in Bali founded by Lahra and Chicco Tatriele.

FIVELEMENTS is an integrated wellness lifestyle company whose authentic destinations offer an opportunity for inspiration, awareness and progress in the 21st century. As the first of a new genre of wellness destinations bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts.

Examples of Press / Media collaborations

  • May 2019: coverage of the Healing Summit in Portugal organized by Healing Hotels of the World

  • September 2019: coverage of the Bhakti Festival in Palms Springs Joshua Tree, California, USA