About Isabelle

French born with strong Celtic roots, Isabelle is recognized internationally as a wellness specialist. She dedicates her work to inspire and support others in the way they live. 

With over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, she has been working with prestigious companies, as international spa trainer, holistic spa consultant, intuitive lifestyle coach, nutritional therapist, qualified massage practitioner, spa therapist and coach healer.

She has traveled all around the world to build her practice and work from countries like Bali, New Zeland, Dubaï, Australie, Sri Lanka, Europe, California. She has her own style inspired by all her teachers.

Passionated about the combination of ancient and modern practices, Isabelle is well known for her intuitive creative mind and soft presence.

In 2012, back from living in Bali, she created the concept of FLOWING LIFE, a personalized wellness practice designed around self care and integrative wellness . Using lifestyle tools, food and nutrition, the connection with nature and sacred rituals for self care, she gives regular talks and workshops encompassing all aspects of lifestyle and wellness. She is an ayurveda lifestyle consultant and health coach and holds a background in the medical field, working with patients with cancer and other illnesses, and those at the end of life, who have shaped her vision and purpose. 

May we all experience more softness, more heart, more creativity... Space to live, Time to feel.
Listening to our feelings and emotions, more understanding of who we are... deeply living, as much as possible in relation with the earth and nature... a simple fulfilled happy conscious life.
— Isabelle.J

" When I’m not working, I spend my time writing. I love my free flow writing moments with music, which is one of my most important passion in life. I adore just being in nature, my dance rituals and to contemplate the ocean which is my most inspiring muse, my home.

I’m a world traveler and love explorations and meeting new cultures, all the colors and various textures of life. "